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About Keystone Property Group


Keystone Property Group specialises in the development of boutique residential properties in the inner Melbourne market.

Ray Evans


Ray has over 30 years experience in the building industry.  His experience ranges from the building supplies side with CSR, to construction, development and investment.  He also captained Randwick RUFC to 3 Shute Shields! 

Luke Daley


Luke's 20 years in the property industry centres on the sales a marketing side of the business, with management roles in project marketing, volume building and sales. He is also a premiership captain for Melbourne RUFC.

Our History


Keystone Property Group is a Melbourne based developer that was formed in 2006 by Ray Evans and Luke Daley. Since then, Keystone has developed numerous properties in inner city  regions such as Footscray, Brunswick and Parhran.


Our projects have ranged in size from 10 to 100 dwellings, with a focus of developing boutique properties in high growth areas.  We currently have over 160 dwellings across 3 projects at the marketing stage.


Along the way, we have formed partnerships with highly respected architects, builders and planners, and in 2011 the project Jewell was awarded an 'International Property Award' for architecture in the multiple residence category.


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Our Approach


Luke and Ray take a hands on approch to their developments, with involvement in all aspects of the business, including site aquisition, design and massing, financial analysis, project management and sales and marketing.


Our philosophy has been to seek opportunites in eclectic areas, and then provide a product that is design orientated, interesting, and above all, livable.


All of our projects have bee finacially successful for both Keystone and our clients.  Our dedication to due dilligence enables us to confidently provide great outcomes for our investors and home buyers.


An in depth knowledge of our markets and passion for quality design are fundamental to our continued success.

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